What To Pack In Your Baby Hospital Bag

As I began preparing for my birthing hospital stay and packing my baby hospital bag, I first thought that Baby’s portion of the stuff would be the easiest. However, once I started piling up those baby items, I realized that I did need to make a list. With pregnancy brain making its appearance these days, I know I’m bound to leave something behind.

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My assumption for this ‘Baby Hospital Bag’ list is that the hospital will provide you with such basics as a side-snap shirt or two, a hat/cap and newborn diapers–at least for the duration of our hospital stay. I am packing a few extras just because I’d rather be over- than under-prepared.

1-2 Side-snap shirts
1 Hat/Cap
1-2 Going Home outfits (you really only need one but I’m packing 2 or 3 because I have no idea about what will fit nicely and also because we’ll have an option to do a photo session at the hospital and I want a different outfit for that)
1 Pair of socks
1 Receiving blanket
2 Newborn size diapers (just in case, because I’m crazy that way)

For cooler weather, also bring:
1 Cardigan or sweater (this depends on the season and climate in your area. In those first couple of weeks, I really prefer a cardigan style to anything that goes over Baby’s head)
1 pair of booties
Car seat bunting

Of course, the car seat base should be securely installed in the car and the infant carrier covers pre-washed.

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