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Q & A: What Can I Do About Baby Acne?

Every pregnant mother dreams of giving birth to a healthy baby. Secretly, we also worry about whether our baby will be colicky, gassy, a crier, a spitter-upper, fussy–the list is long. Personally, besides all these worries, I was also hoping for a CUTE baby and couldn’t wait to take a gazillion photos and share them with everyone I knew. When Baby M… Read more →

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Elderly Primigravida

Elderly Primigravida. Sounds kinda scary and intimidating, doesn’t it? That’s the big label on the box they are trying to stuff me into with my pregnancy. I was 35 at conception and I’m turning 36 during my pregnancy (today, actually! Yay, Happy BDay to me!). In the medical world, apparently, this is enough to warrant an added sense of urgency… Read more →