Tuesday 10: Exercises You Can Do In Under 2 Minutes

exercises, Nike hoodie All Time Full Zip Hoodie Purple Women's Sweatshirt, workout routinesexercises, Nike hoodie All Time Full Zip Hoodie Purple Women's Sweatshirt, workout routinesThink you have no time to work out? Pick from the exercises I list below and do them at any time you’re waiting for something or have a chance to multitask during the day.

For example, I kick off every morning with my first set of exercises and do 25 squats (or as many as I can fit into the mini-session) while brushing my teeth. I have an electric toothbrush, so no coordination issues here but you can challenge your brain as well as your muscles and try doing squats while using a manual tooth brush ;).

Waiting for coffee to brew? Do lunges.
Making a ton of copies? Do wall push-ups.
Wating for an elevator? Do arm raises with your purse.
Brainstorming? Do skull crushers.
You get the idea.

Here’s the list of Coach Natalia’s exercises for adding tiny bites of fitness into your day:

1. 20 Reverse Lunges, 10 per leg, alternating
2. 20 Wall Push-Ups
3. 20 Straight Leg Raises
4. 10 Triceps Dips Off Chair
5. 25 Squats
6. 15 Lateral Arm Raises (grab a bottle of water for weight)
7. 10 Curtsy/Crossover Lunges to Front & Back, 5 per leg
8. 10 Skull Crushers Per Arm (water bottle for weight)
9. 20 Squats with Side Straight Leg Raise
10. 20 Leg Extensions (back, with knee slightly bent and pointing out to side), 10 per leg

Before you know it, you’ll end up doing a variety of light strength exercises to keep your blood circulating. The great thing is, these under-two-minute bursts of activity are sweat-free and yet they still burn calories. If you incorporate all ten into your daily routine, they’ll add up to about twenty minutes of exercise. That’s much better than doing nothing at all!

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Coach Natalia approved

Coach Natalia is an ACE certified Personal Trainer. 

Look for fitness inspiration whenever you see this seal of approval.

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