Pic Of The Day: The Downward Monkey

downward monkey, baby sleeping, sassterhood blogOne more thing to add to my list of the most terryifying things ever: Baby deciding that the best way to sleep is face down. And when I say face down, I mean he woke up with a nose red like Rudolph’s because he was sleeping on it for hours!

While it was a miraculous discovery and Baby M started sleeping for much longer stretches when he figured it out, both my husband and I still keep checking the monitor for signs of breathing. Yep, that whole thing about SIDS is a constant nag on our new-parent minds. Boy, do they really instill that fear in us! Thanks a lot, Books About Newborns, WTE, The Bump and the likes!

Right now, Baby M is still honing the skill of sticking the pacifier into his mouth instead of his nostril, eye or ear. He discovered that if he kept his head in that straight down position, smack on top of the pacifier, it would have no way of escaping. So, he props his head on top of his little hands and settles into deep sleep.

In the beginning, the paranoia propelled us into frenzied attempts at turning his head to the side to facilitate breathing. Alas, all those trips up the flight of stairs were to no avail (except for the benefit of all that cardiovascular exercise). Baby M goes right back into what we now call the Downward Monkey.

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