Current Obsessions: Instagram

I was slow to join Instagram. For whatever reason, I just thought adding one more social network to my life was too much to handle. But I was looking at it all wrong.

When I did start using it, it was because it offered an outlet for my obsession with taking photos of (I’m just gonna say it) … flowers. Silly, I know, but I literally cannot walk by a blooming plant without taking a closer look. And if it does catch my eye, I take photos.

Well, I was accumulating quite a collection of horticultural photography, which was completely unrelated to my life. I felt it’d be super annoying if I started posting that stuff on my personal Facebook page, flooding my feed with pretty pictures of flowers. I mean, if you were my FB friend, what would you think?

So, I turned to Instagram, which is the perfect medium for sharing stuff like that. Turns out, there are perfect strangers out there who can find your stuff, post comments or just “like” it.

But that’s not even the real reason I’m obsessed with Instagram. The real reason is that you can find the most stunning photography from all over the world. I can spend hours looking at those square-shaped masterpieces.

And now I understand where my obsession with photographing flowers stems from. It’s not that I want to take flower snapshots just for the heck of it. My real drive is to capture what I see, hoping my eye will cooperate at being skilled and artful. Most of the time, it doesn’t. Oh, how I wish to possess the gift and skill of photography!

And although I don’t have the insane equipment to create those magical, captivating pieces, I can practice with what I’ve got. Instagram gives me wings when it comes to photography.

Here are just a few examples of my faves (although there’s sooooooo much more amazing stuff!):


Snowy London:


She creates pure magic: 


Stunning macro photography like this:

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