Christopher Poindexter. Never heard of the guy but when I chanced upon a couple of type-written poems attributed to him on Pinterest, I was intrigued and wanted more.

A teen genius? A man? A famous poet I somehow missed? Not sure of his story, his place in time, nor his popularity, I turned to Google. Surely, Wikipedia would have caught on by now and took notice of this talented human being.

The breath-stealing wisdom, the desperation dripping from some of the verses, the take on love so many of us yearn for and experience yet couldn’t come close to putting into words–Christopher’s poetry touched my heart with magnificent strings of simple words.

Nothing in Wikipedia (how’s this even possible?!) but you will find Christopher Poindexter on social networks and–because it turns out he’s our contemporary–where you can actually buy his poems: on Etsy.

“Christopherspoetry’s Shop Announcement
Hello lovely humans! I am very excited about this new shop. I hope you all are, too. Maybe a lot of people will purchase my poems and maybe a lot won’t, but it doesn’t even matter. It is just a blessing that anyone at all even reads my stuff. I hope you all find what you are looking for here! So much love.”

I don’t know Christopher (one day, perhaps?) and the only benefit I reap from sharing his beautiful poetry is the pleasure of knowing that many of you out there will be comforted and inspired by his words.

Sassters, let’s help Christopher get published soon! Spread the word, support the talent. Here are some of my favorite poems by

Christopher Poindexter

christopher poindexter poetry

christopher poindexter poetry

christopher poindexter poetry

christopher poindexter poetry

christopher poindexter poetry

christopher poindexter poetry

christopher poindexter poetry

christopher poindexter poetry

Find your favorites here: Christopherspoetry Shop

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  • Jennine Lanham

    I can’t get over this guy’s poetry. He deserves way more recognition than he’s getting. He’s brilliant.

    • Maya

      You are so right, I personally love hos poetry and really wanted him to get more recognition too! Love from Sweden

  • james

    FYI people, that one about being drunk on the idea of love healing our brokenness is originally by Fitzgerald. Google it, and this being said I feel mr. Pointdexter could be copying other works too.

  • SRC

    the “in the end” quote is a Fitzgerald one. Isn’t it?

  • Tyler

    I know Chris personally, having grown up in the same small town as him. His fiancé is one of my good friends and let me tell you: Chris is awesome. He loves poetry and he’s so damn good at it!

    • Natalia

      Tyler, we totally agree!

    • Ella

      Was he born in America? I need to know for a poetry
      project! Please get back to me

  • Pats_London

    Thanks for this. I’ve discovered him recently, by chance, and like you tried google in the hope that Wikipedia would give me more info, but I came across your review, etsy and facebook. I’m really hoping he’ll have a book out soon!

    • Natalia

      Yes, I’m hoping something will be in the works soon and, with the support of his following, good things will happen :)