Fleeting Beauty: Cherry Blossoms

On a recent stroll with Baby M, I witnessed something breathtakingly magical. The cherry trees on our street have exploded into seas of bright pink.

cherry blossoms

I stood under that tree and looked up at the clusters of fluttering petals. I wondered at the fragile beauty, trying to cement the images into my brain. I always feel a bit wistful at moments like that because I know how fleeting this beauty is.

Knowing that my brain will fail me once again in retaining that moment, I took about a hundred photos so I could remember.Every cluster, every individual blossom, every petal–I wanted them all captured.

Sure enough, a week later, armed with my camera, I was passing by the same tree…

cherry blossoms

It’s as if Spring has come and gone within the span of that one week…

Till next year, then, you gorgeous cherry blossoms!


dying cherry blossoms


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