How I Knew My Man Would Make An Awesome Dad

I am one very lucky woman. Within the first few months of meeting my husband Andrew, I had an inkling that one day, he would make a really awesome dad.

Somehow, it never even crossed my mind to question the fact that our relationship would be a lasting one or that we’d have a family together.

How did I know all that? I had solid proof: children and dogs love this man! There’s some magical calming and reassuring energy about him that just draws them in–even the ones who don’t know him at all.

After only two months of dating, we were introducing each other to our families during the winter holidays of 2010. On the morning of January 1st, I walked into the living room at my sister’s house to find my then eighteen-month old nephew–who would usually run and hide from any guest who wasn’t immediate family–snuggled into Andrew’s side as the two of them watched TV. I choked on my coffee.

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They are both so sleepy and cute. Be still, my heart…

As I took in the sight, I saw my sister’s dog splayed at Andrew’s feet as well, making sure he planted at least a part of his body on top of his slippers. That moment is forever etched into my memory.

Over the last three years, I got to witness so many precious moments that only reinforced my belief that Andrew would make an amazing father to our children if we were ever blessed with any. I’ve seen him roll on the floor with kids, toss a baseball, invent crazy stories, play tickle monster, teach kids how to hit a golf ball and skip-hop on a NYC sidewalk on the way from an ice cream outing.

awesome dad sassterhood blog

 Will you please be my pillow?

As I progress through my pregnancy, I can see that sometimes, he’s worried that he doesn’t quite know enough about babies and how to handle an infant. But I’m not worried.

Entering parenthood, where things happen with predictability of a tornado, it’s guaranteed that we don’t know everything there’s to know about taking care of our little baby boy. I’m sure we’ll make many mistakes along the way and spend endless nights worrying about the baby and questioning our parenting skills and decisions. All that comes with the territory and we’ll learn some valuable lessons along the way.

awesome dad sassterhood blog

 Nice, guys, pretending to sleep while I take photos!

Life won’t be perfect and I’m not expecting Andrew to be a perfect dad. By now I know that “perfect” doesn’t exist and even if it did, it’d be an unfair label to impose on humans. What I do know is that the undeniable love he already feels for our little guy inside my belly is a great start. I also know, without a shadow of a doubt, that he already has everything it takes to be a super awesome dad.

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