Perfecting The Art Of Wonder

Lately, Baby M has a new favorite activity. Every morning after breakfast, he is looking forward to being propped up on a dining room chair so he could look out the window.

Oh, to see the world through a child’s eyes!

Sometimes I wish I could feel that way again, re-experience the wonder of that age, even if for just a few short moments.

I think about the complete blank slate that my child is and wonder what goes on through his head when he’s observing the world largely unknown to him.

He stands there, holding on to the back of the chair and stares at the leaves moving in the breeze, at the cars passing by and dogs pooping on our lawn. In his mind, everything is interesting and exciting–all that stuff that one day, he will take for granted just like I do.

And looking at him, I try (alas, in vain) to regain that thing we lose as we mature:

The Art of Wonder

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