Get Art Journal Ideas From This Super Talented Creator

Today, I’m going to live vicariously by observing a super talented artist, Vicky Papaioannou, at work. If you dabble in scrapbooking or mixed media art, you’ve probably heard of her art journal tutorials (if not, I’m so glad to share this with you!!!) Vicky shares her talents on her blog as well as YouTube. She has become one of the go-to Tim Holtz artists and developed quite a following of adoring fans (including, of corse, moi).

I found Vicky’s amazing work as I was browsing for art journal ideas during my pregnancy. I was approaching my due date and had a ton of time to kill last summer. I was ready to get my hands dirty with some new ink blending techniques and the stash of Tim Holtz mixed media supplies.

I have to admit that I actually spent more time watching Vicky do her thing than implementing those art journal ideas. It was simply mesmerizing. I did pick up a few techniques and learned about working with gel medium and gesso (it’s actually much trickier than it might seem–she makes it look so effortless!)

The art journal ideas never materialized for me (one day, I hope) but I made a few altered tags using her blending ink techniques. Here’s a couple that I have in my Etsy shop, Exquisite Obsession:

altered tag, art journal ideas,sassterhood blog

dinosaur tags, altered tags, art journal ideas,sassterhood blog

Watching Vicky create her amazing art journal layouts makes me wish my inner artist were cultivated a LOT more when I was younger. All these ideas in my head might’ve had a chance at living on paper! But it’s never too late to learn, right?

I hope you get as inspired to create something of your own as I do every time I watch these art journal tutorials. It’s one of my obsessions.


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