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Project Life Travel Kit from My Creative Shop

*This post contains affiliate links to I’ve been in my studio again, working away. This time, on some new Travel-themed handmade cards for Project Life. Summer gives us so many opportunities for new adventures and if you are a documenter of life, you know you’ll have more than just a couple of layouts to fill for the season. I absolutely… Read more →

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Tuesday 10: Exercises You Can Do In Under 2 Minutes

Think you have no time to work out? Pick from the exercises I list below and do them at any time you’re waiting for something or have a chance to multitask during the day. For example, I kick off every morning with my first set of exercises and do 25 squats (or as many as I can fit into the mini-session) while brushing my teeth.… Read more →

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Exciting Wedges: Shoes I Really Want To Rock Every Day

*Because a girl’s gotta have more shoes, this post contains affiliate links.  Yay, wedge weather is coming any day now. And yes, I’ll be strolling with Baby M in my wedges this year (with my Havaianas and Birkenstocks within reach). Who knew browsing the web after the 4 am feeding could be so tantalizing I almost didn’t go back to sleep. I’m sure you’re aware… Read more →

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Q & A: How Do Women Deal With The Fear Of Childbirth?

The other day on Quora, I encountered this question: Why are women not afraid of childbirth? My answer: I believe that whoever said that women are not afraid of childbirth has either never been pregnant and given birth or is playing with your head or, they are lying. Yes, definitely lying! Or, and this is the biggest OR, it might be… Read more →

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Get Art Journal Ideas From This Super Talented Creator

Today, I’m going to live vicariously by observing a super talented artist, Vicky Papaioannou, at work. If you dabble in scrapbooking or mixed media art, you’ve probably heard of her art journal tutorials (if not, I’m so glad to share this with you!!!) Vicky shares her talents on her blog as well as YouTube. She has become one of the… Read more →