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Q & A: What Can I Do About Baby Acne?

Every pregnant mother dreams about giving birth to a healthy baby. Secretly, we also worry about whether our baby will be colicky, gassy, a crier, a spitter-upper, fussy–the list is long. Personally, besides all these worries, I was also hoping for a CUTE baby and couldn’t wait to take a gazillion photos and share them with everyone I knew. When Baby… Read more →

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Pic Of The Day: @waverider_ Might Make You Pee Your Pants

WARNING: these celebrity memes by @waverider_ might make you pee your pants! This one just cracks me up every time I see it: A photo posted by ! ☮ℒiąʍ✝нℯℒi☯ŋ! (@waverider_) on Aug 30, 2014 at 6:50am PDT Here’s one more: A photo posted by ! ☮ℒiąʍ✝нℯℒi☯ŋ! (@waverider_) on Aug 9, 2014 at 6:00am PDT Read more →

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Q & A: How Do Women Deal With The Fear Of Childbirth?

The other day on Quora, I encountered this question: Why are women not afraid of childbirth? My answer: I believe that whoever said that women are not afraid of childbirth has either never been pregnant and given birth or is playing with your head or, they are lying. Yes, definitely lying! Or, and this is the biggest OR, it might be… Read more →

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Get Art Journal Ideas From This Super Talented Creator

Today, I’m going to live vicariously by observing a super talented artist, Vicky Papaioannou, at work. If you dabble in scrapbooking or mixed media art, you’ve probably heard of her art journal tutorials (if not, I’m so glad to share this with you!!!) Vicky shares her talents on her blog as well as YouTube. She has become one of the… Read more →

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5 Skills Every Great Nanny Actually Needs To Be A Rockstar

Working moms and dads know what a huge challenge finding quality childcare can present. Because each family’s situation is unique, every option comes with its own set of pros and cons. Figuring out all the pieces of that puzzle takes into consideration both parents’ schedules, desires and vision for what they seek in their child’s caretaker. Add to that a… Read more →

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Tuesday 10: Children’s Health Topics New Parents Must Know About

The prospect of becoming a parent comes with a host of emotions ranging from elation to downright terror. We’ve all heard stories or poked fun at how new parents freak out about every little thing, or how they sometimes forget to bring their infant along when they leave the house. And while all that stuff makes for great stories, it’s not… Read more →

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Current Obsessions: Instagram

I was slow to join Instagram. For whatever reason, I just thought adding one more social network to my life was too much to handle. But I was looking at it all wrong. When I did start using it, it was because it offered an outlet for my obsession with taking photos of (I’m just gonna say it) … flowers.… Read more →

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Pic Of The Day: The Downward Monkey

One more thing to add to my list of the most terryifying things ever: Baby deciding that the best way to sleep is face down. And when I say face down, I mean he woke up with a nose red like Rudolph’s because he was sleeping on it for hours! While it was a miraculous discovery and Baby M started… Read more →

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We Are Regrouping

Please forgive our lack of content while we are regrouping. This is just one example of what happens to your brain when you have babies: you forget a LOT of stuff, including but in no way limited to renewing your hosting account. Then one day, when you’re finally ready to unleash all of your stories and wisdom onto your readership, you wake up… Read more →



sleeping infant, sisterhood blog, shower in my futureBaby falls asleep and I enthusiastically march into the shower. As the warm water hits my tired body, I feel as if I stepped into some forbidden exotic waterfall. I dab Pantene onto my hair and revel in this delicious opportunity to wash myself clean of all the baby puke that’s been spewed onto various parts of my body over the past … um, who needs to count how many days.

As I slather conditioner onto my strands, I hear a cry. Am I hallucinating? I always seem to hear baby cries whenever I’m more than a few feet away from him. I stand still, trying to tune out the noise of the water, intently listening for signs of Baby’s distress.

Nope, not hallucinating. Baby woke up and is now screaming his head off in his bassinet.

Ok, I reason with myself, maybe he will self-soothe and fall right back to sleep (yeah, right, dream on, lady). I proceed with rinsing conditioner out of my hair, quite frantically. Every second is precious commodity. I finish the rest of my shower routine in record time (yay), run out of the bathroom and head in the direction of the screaming child.

At the bassinet, my towel decides to slide off to the floor. As I pick it up and wrap it around myself again, I realize that one of my armpits is still unshaven.

Oh well, maybe next time. I get my screaming child, hold him close and kiss his head.

And in that moment, nothing else matters.